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The cost-effective and easy way to bulk upload product photos

From the cloud to your store

Upload product photos from Google Drive™ directly to your Shopify store.

Nothing could be easier.

Time saving, stress free

Hate bulk uploading lots of product photos?

Uploado turns a struggle into a stress-free experience.


You don’t need to be a technical wizard or deal with the hassle of CSVs.

Just select the folder of product photos and upload away!

Upload in 3 simple steps

1. Select folder

Choose the Google Drive folder containing your product photos.

You can even use folders that are shared with you.

2. Match photos to SKUs

Uploado matches product photos to SKUs by filename.

You can even upload the same product photo to variant SKUs.

See examples.

3. Upload photos

One click to start uploading product photos to your Shopify store.

Sit back and let Uploado do the hard work.

Free plan available

$0 monthly charge

3 price plans to suit your upload needs

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