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1. How should I name my files?

Instructions and examples can be found here.

2. What file types are supported?

Only PNG, JPG and GIF are supported. However, we recommend using only PNG and JPG files. GIF files may not upload successfully if the compression is not set to the type that Shopify requires. This may help if you are having technical difficulties with GIF files.

3. Will Uploado slow down my store?

No it won’t. Uploado only runs when you start it from your store’s admin panel. We’ve also tested it using Shopify’s guidelines and it does not slow down your store.

4. How do I get Google Drive™?

Google Drive is a free service if you have a Google account. Find out more about it here.

5. Can the upload be faster?

Upload speed is dependent on many factors, including file size, download/upload speeds from Google Drive and Shopify, etc. Be assured that unless there are any errors out of our control, your upload will eventually finish. In case of errors, Uploado allows you to resume the upload.

6. Why is scanning Google Drive™ so slow?

Uploado reads the names of all the files and folders in your Google Drive so it can match product images to SKU. This speed is dependent on Google Drive. If you have many non product image files/folders in your Google Drive, consider creating a separate Google Drive account just for your product images.