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Examples & Instructions

Before you upload to Active products

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with Uploado by using our generous free uploads on Draft products.

  • Uploado by default does not overwrite product image files.
  • If you upload the same image files more than once, you will get multiple image files for that product.
  • Replace existing images by clicking on the Upload and Replace images button. Images to be replaced must be specified by position (see below for details)

Please contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions.

Example SKU and variant scenarios

Example 1. Single SKU (no variants), 1 product image


Example Product: Yoga Mat

SKU: MAT-123

Name your product image:

  • MAT-123.jpg

Example 2. Single SKU (no variants), multiple product images

  • Specify the position in which you want the product images to be in. The position 1 image will be used in your store’s catalog.
  • Image positions will be the order in which the images appear in the Admin Products page.
  • Append “=”, followed by position number to the image name.
  • If position number is omitted, eg SG-123_1.jpg, SG-123_2.jpg, …, position order will be in the ascending sorted order of images as they appear in Google Drive.

Example Product: Sunglasses

  • 3 product images
  • SKU: SG-123

Name your 3 product images:

  • SG-123=1.jpg
  • SG-123=2.jpg
  • SG=123=3.jpg

Example 3. Product has multiple variants, multiple product images, each variant has its own image

  • Ensure each SKU variant is unique eg. SKU + variant name, see example.
  • Name images that need to be in position 1, 2, etc as above, using the same variant SKU in the filename.

Example Product: Fitness Tracker

  • 2 main product images
  • each of 3 variants also has its own image
  • SKU: TR
  • 3 variant SKUs:
    • TR-BLACK
    • TR-BLUE
    • TR-GREEN

Name your main product images:

  • TR-GREEN=1.jpg
  • TR-GREEN=2.jpg

Name your product variant images:

  • TR-BLACK.jpg
  • TR-BLUE.jpg
  • TR-GREEN.jpg

Example 4. Product has multiple variants, multiple product images, variants share common images


Example Product: T Shirt

  • 2 main product images
  • 6 variants (size & color) share 2 images
  • SKU: TS
  • Size & Color variants:
    • S / M / L
    • Purple / Green
  • 6 variant SKUs:
    • TS-S-GREEN
    • TS-M-GREEN
    • TS-L-GREEN

Name your main product images:

  • TR-S-GREEN=1.jpg
  • TR-S-GREEN=2.jpg

Name the GREEN variant :


Name the PURPLE variant :


Setting up your files and folders

Files and folders in Google Drive

  • Folders containing product images must be at the top level of My Drive
  • No duplicate files in the same folder, or duplicate folders at the same level.
  • Only PNG, JPG and GIF are supported. GIF files may not upload successfully if the compression is not set to the type that Shopify requires. This may help if you are having technical difficulties with GIF files.
  • Filename extensions are optional, and are ignored. eg. AB-12.jpg and AB-12.png will both match the SKU: AB-12, causing a duplicate file error.
  • Filename should match SKUs as closely as possible, case is ignored. eg. ab-12-CD.jpg will match the SKU: AB-12-cd
  • If changes are made to files or folders in Google Drive while Uploado is open, you must return to Quickstart and click on Begin Scanning.

Uploading multiple images to the same SKU

  • To upload multiple images to a SKU: eg. AB-12, append “=”, followed by position number, ie. AB-12=1.png, AB-12=2.jpg, AB-12=3.gif
  • The first position specified must be position 1
  • Position numbers must be consecutive and must not be skipped. (eg. NOT AB-12=1.png, AB-12=3.png, …)

Uploading the same image to multiple SKUs

  • Name the image file the SKUs want to upload it to, separated by spaces, eg. AB-12 CD-34 EF-56.jpg to upload it to multiple SKUs, ie. AB-12, CD-34, EF-56

Setting up your Google Drive

Using Uploado on multiple shops

  • Different Google Drive accounts should be used for each store. ie. Do not use the same Google Drive account for multiple stores.
  • Different browser accounts/profiles should be used for each store. ie. Do not use the same browser account/profile on multiple stores.

Using folders that are shared with you

  • A folder that is shared with you will initially be in Shared with me, not My Drive
  • Create a shortcut by dragging the shared folder from Shared with me, to the top level of My Drive, so that Uploado can read from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ for other questions about Google Drive.